Arrrgh! Do I really have to vote for Donald Trump?


I’m not a sports fan, but I really enjoy following politics. To prove it, I recently saw a ‘W’ flag on a couple of friends’ Facebook posts who I knew weren’t normally political. I remember first seeing the ‘W’ flag when George W Bush was in office. So naturally, I thought it was a W flag for him. But, now I just started to have second thoughts.

So, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Many of you are I’m sure really tired of all of the politics between Trump and Clinton, but to me, this is the Super Bowl or maybe the World Series. Whatever sports analogy fits because I just had to ask Sara what the big game is for baseball.

When this political season started I was supporting, volunteering and even spoke (poorly) for Ted Cruz on caucus night. While volunteering, I really enjoyed talking to some of the people who wanted to share their thoughts about the different Republican candidates.

The entire time leading up to caucus night, I’ve been spent many months trying to figure out why anyone, even my neighbors would vote for Donald Trump. How could anyone support someone so repulsive, rude and obnoxious. After Ted lost, I wasn’t sure what to do. I looked at the Libertarian Party, the Constitution party and thought will my third party vote be a waste. Or will this year be the beginning of a new era that brings credibility to 3rd parties and finally end this two party juggernaut.

I really tried to understand what people saw in Donald. Slowly and I mean really slowly after several months of listening it started to sink in.

It was actually really simple: he is the bull in the china shop politically speaking. His qualities that I found repulsive are the same reasons why his supporters like him. He says . . . everything. That’s it. That’s what people like. He says what no one else will. He says what’s politically incorrect, he says what people are too afraid to say, he says what every one hasn’t heard in a really long time and he says things that make people upset, embarrassed, ashamed and repulsed.

Of course he does. He’s rich. He’s been rich all his life and had to answer to no one. He could say anything to anyone and always has. He has no filter. He’s never needed one.  And now this unfiltered vulgarian is running for President.

But, is that what I want for a President?  No! No way. Never.

But what about Hillary, she’s really, really, really bad.  A Criminal.  I have to vote for Donald because Hillary is really, really, really bad.

So how can I support Donald Trump. I’m still struggling with that until tonight. I still can’t say that I support Donald, but I can finally say for certain that I will vote for him.

And this is why . . .

“You will look back and realize that you made most important vote in history that turned our country around.”  Donald Trump, Ohio Oct. 13, 2016

Most of these items listed below are from the speech in Ohio on Oct 13, 2016.

What he and his supporters are against:

  • against DC incompetence
  • against political corruption
  • against political correctness
  • against GOP establishment
  • against Hillary Clinton the liar, the criminal, the racist
  • against Bernie Sanders the Communist
  • against Tim Kaine the Marxist radical
  • against Democrats
  • against the media
  • against IRS
  • against the UN
  • against globalism governance
  • against illegal immigrants stealing our jobs
  • against NAFTA
  • against a hemispheric common market
  • against open borders (look at France, Germany)
  • against massive trade deficits
  • against radical Islam (stay the hell out of our country)
  • against unvetted Syrian refugees
  • against 45 million on food stamps
  • against companies leaving the US
  • against Obamacare
  • against Trans-Pacific Partnership TPP (Hillary’s “gold standard”)

70K factories have shut down in the USA, the greatest jobs theft in history

What Trump is For:

  • For a wall (paid for by Mexico 100%)
  • Make things again – Made In The USA
  • Rebuild the military
  • Build the missile defense system
  • Peace through strength
  • A strong country and a rich country (you need both so you’re not a debtor nation)
  • Fixing the horrible trade deals
  • 35% tax on USA companies that bring their manufactured products back into the country
  • Renegotiate NAFTA
  • School choice
  • Biggest tax cut since Ronald Reagan
  • Protect religious liberty
  • Free speech on college campus
  • Take care of our veterans
  • Save the 2nd amendment
  • Supreme Court Justices who will uphold the constitution
  • Give America back to the American people
  • Lower business tax from 35% to 15%
  • Wages will rise, jobs will return and factories will rebuild
  • Inner cities will be rebuilt


So with this list do you really need to struggle to make up your mind? Yes, he did say some bad things 10 years ago and apologized. Hillary left 4 soldiers dead and never apologized.

Trump is a bull in the china store . . . I say turn him loose.