Summer Chicken Care When Not at my Linux

water valve

Once a day either in the morning or at dusk, turn on the water to rinse and fill the water containers.


Rinse and fill the water container. On occasion you may need to scrub or lightly bleach the containers. If you do use bleach, be sure to rinse thoroughly. There is a utility sink in the garage where you can give both the waterer and feeders a good scrubbing.


TIP: Filling the waterer. You might to tip the waterer sideways as spraying directly into it will give you a face full of water.

light switch

The light switch controls three areas of the coop. The large bottom button is the lights. The two smaller switches are for heat lamps and water warmer which are only used in the winter.


Escape latch – if the door closes behind you, don’t worry, you can unlatch the door by pulling in this string and washer.


When the feeder is empty, fill it with chicken feed. Since the chickens are still young you will be using chick feed.


When you place the feeders back on the chain the higher they are the cleaner they be, but keep them at a comfortable height to reach. Breast high is good.


This rope opens and closes the little chicken door. Sometimes it’s easier to reach up and pull the rope towards the pulley instead of pulling down on the rope.


Loop the rope over this nail to open the chicken coop.


On hot days it very imported to have the little door open. If you are around in middle of a hot day, the chickens will enjoy fresh cool water.


At dusk, I always just check the outside of the coop. Since I often become distracted when inside watching the chickens, I double check the doors and ┬ácheck for any stray chickens. Currently there are 8 Rhode Island Reds and 2 California Whites.If you’re curious, the larger door was for ducks which I had when I built the coop. Now I just use it to isolate any chickens if needed.